Online Study Tools

Here are some additional websites and tools that may be beneficial to you for studying the gospel. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start. It’s worth noting that we may not share 100% of the views expressed by people in the following link but there is enough fruitful material that I can recommend them easily.

Biblegateway, an Online easy to use Bible with access to a variety of translations and a search function.

Creation Ministries International: A site that focus on teaching and advocating biblical creationism.

Bible Study with Arlyn, is a trusted friend’s site that contains additional bible lessons

Both Please Convince Me, and Stand to Reason provide both evidence that supports the accuracy and authority of the bible and training on how to communicate that truth.

The Wintery Knight Blog: This Blog regularly provides links to other Christian sites and articles as well as well thought commentary on current events.

This article I wrote listing useful iphone apps.


One thought on “Online Study Tools

  1. Sam, I am honored that you have linked to my website, Thank you. I am so excited for the work that you and Heather are doing for Christ. You will be in my prayers. I encourage anyone in the Springboro (and surrounding) area, who has found this website, to get to know Sam and Heather. They are true servants of Christ and I am so blessed to have worked along side of them for the length of time that God gave us together. You will be glad you connected with them. Grace and Peace.

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