Luke 17:1-19 audio now available

picofbiblesmallThis lesson we see Jesus conclude his teaching at the banquet and he continues to make use of the diverse audience as a teaching tool. We then see him continue his travel towards Jerusalem and encountering 10 leapers on the way.

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Luke 16:16-31 audio now avialable

IMG_3729This week we finish out Luke chapter 16. We spend some time on the Old Testament Law and how it relates to Christian, the serious issue of marriage, and close with the rich man and Lazarus. We side step the issue of Abraham’s bosom for now, the key focus of the passage is the great difference in the resting place of those who trust God and those who trust stuff.

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Luke 16:1-15 audio now available

IMG_3729This lesson covers what has been called the hardest parable of Jesus to understand. It’s going to require for us to make use of the tool of Hermeneutics to understand perfectly. Hermeneutics is the discipline of proper biblical interpretation. We will make some observations from the text, interpret it properly (including looking for context, and understanding history) and only then make applications for our own lives.

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Obadiah, a lesson covering the entire OT book, now available

icthusandcrosslogoIn this special lesson per-recorded prior to being taught at Calvary Union Fellowship ( we cover the entire book of Obadiah which deals with Edom in response to their actions and attitude towards Israel. Making modern applications from the unchanging truths found in this book is easy.

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Luke 14:25-34 Audio

icthusandcrosslogoJust in the nick of time last weeks, Luke 14:25-34 Audio now available to listen to. starting this lesson, the podcast is now embedded below for your convince.  The audio continues to be available on Itunes (Key words Bible in the Boro) as well as at our Podcast Garden Host Here.

This weekweek we finish out Luke 14 and learn about the cost of Discipleship and the division being a disciple causes. In doing so we also spend sometime in Romans 1 to help us understand the world we live in, from a biblical perspective.

This lesson also includes a new audio intro, which may continue to be tweaked. -Sam

Luke 14:1-24

icthusandcrosslogoLuke 14:1-24 is now available.

This week we follow Luke’s account of Jesus at a pharisee’s banquet. He repeats teaching about the value of life and healing over the law, addresses pride, motivation for good deeds, and who will enter the kingdom of Heaven.

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