As means of both reaching listeners that can not attend in person, or would like to check us out before visiting us in person, or for those study to listen if they missed a lesson.

At this time the recordings are  a teaching format recorded prior to the small group, so it doesn’t include group interactions, music or questions and answers as a meeting in person would.

Our AUDIO is  HERE on Podcast Garden

If you would like to listen on apple devices we are now on Itunes. Click HERE to visit our Itunes page. With the ITunes Podcast app you can listen to Bible in the Boro lessons from your apple device for free! The Podcast App can be downloaded HERE.


our earliest Podcast episodes are also mirrored at Pod-O-Matic where we hosted them for free. Our Pod-O-Matic page is HERE.  

You can listen on  your phone buy downloading the Pod-O-matic app, registering on the O=Pod-O-matic site, and following our page.

as always if you have any questions you can contact me @